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Current Conditions
Beech Mtn

Temp: 64.7°F
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Beech Mountain , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Friday, September 4, 2015 at 12:37PM

More Thundershowers Late Today

Warm temperatures remain for one last day; however, a backdoor front moves through late today. The front will be a game-changer for the weekend. We'll have widely scattered thundershowers this afternoon and evening (more coverage than the last three days). Then the weekend is cloudy and cooler with some fog especially to our east along the Blue Ridge. Expect scattered showers Saturday, fewer showers Sunday. The Labor Day Holiday has more sun, warmer temperatures, and only isolated afternoon showers.

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Hi: 71 Lo: 56

Partly to mostly cloudy; Widely scattered PM t-storms; Light NW wind, becoming SE 5-15 mph later tonight

Hi: 69 Lo: 57

Generally cloudy with patchy fog; Scattered showers; Light SE wind

Hi: 69 Lo: 56

AM clouds; Partial afternoon sun; Isolated showers; SE wind 5-10 mph

Hi: 67 Lo: 53

Mostly to partly cloudy; Isolated afternoon showers

Hi: 69 Lo: 56

Partly cloudy; An isolated afternoon t-shower possible

Further Out

Wednesday - Partly to mostly cloudy; Scattered PM t-showers; High in the upper 60s; Low in the mid 50s
Thursday - Mostly cloudy; Scattered showers & t-showers; High in the mid 60s; Low in the mid 50s

Forecast Discussion

We have been in a "dog days" stagnant, warm pattern this week. Changes are afoot.

A backdoor front (one that passes through from the north instead of the west or northwest) moves through this evening. We've had plenty of warm, pleasant hours; however, widely scattered thundershower develop this afternoon.

Clouds increase this afternoon leading to a generally cloudy weekend. Once the backdoor front is to our south, a moist southeasterly flow sets up as high pressure centered in New England wedges down the Appalachians. Saturday will be cloudy with fog especially to our east along the Blue Ridge. Scattered showers are expected--not lots of rain but in play, on and off, all day.

Most of the region keeps clouds Sunday with morning fog; however, the west side of the Appalachians will see some sun in the afternoon. Isolated showers remain possible.

The wedge breaks down early Monday. Expect more sun Labor Day Monday and Tuesday, warmer temperatures, and only isolated afternoon thundershowers.

It's been a LONG time since we have seen a front from the west, but there is one out there in the extended forecast--arriving next Friday. Ahead of the front with increasing warmth and humidity, Wednesday has scattered PM thundershowers. The treat of scattered thundershowers continues through Thursday and into next Friday.


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