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NWS Flood Watch (Avery County)

Current Conditions

Temp: 33.4°F
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Newland , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Thursday, December 13, 2018 at 4:51PM

Mostly Cloudy; Rain Coming

A sprawling area of low pressure begins to trek from east Texas today to the Mid-Atlantic Sunday. Rain develops overnight tonight and continues in solid fashion Friday. A dab of freezing rain is possible in the colder valleys at onset, but it will go to rain quickly and should not be problematic. Intervals of light rain continue Saturday, mainly in the morning hours, and some leftover light rain remains possible Sunday. Two key takeaways- the weekend is not a washout, and it's not enough rain to melt all the snow.

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Partly cloudy
Lower 50s
NW wind 5-10 mph

Hi: 50 Lo: 33

Cloudy; Chilly rain dvlps late; Light SE wind, but 5-15 mph at higher elev's

Hi: 42 Lo: 38

Cloudy; Chilly rain; ESE wind 5-15 mph

Hi: 49 Lo: 35

Mostly cloudy; Periods of light rain, mainly in the morning; South wind 5-15 mph becoming NW Sat. night

Hi: 46 Lo: 32

Mostly cloudy; Spotty light rain possible

Hi: 46 Lo: 28

Lots of sunshine; Remaining seasonal

Further Out

Tuesday - Mostly sunny; Nice day; High in the mid 40s; Low in the upper 20s
Wednesday - Mostly sunny; Pleasant streak continues; High in the mid 40s; Low in the upper 20s

Forecast Discussion

A big storm system is heading our way courtesy of the Southern Plains. Rain holds until the overnight hours and persists through Friday. It could start as a brief period of freezing rain, but it should not be problematic and quickly goes to all rain. There could be some heavy rain at times tomorrow. With the snow melting and the frozen ground, the heavy rain could lead to flooding problems; especially near rivers, creeks and streams, and clogged storm drains.

As the low center moves through Saturday we'll get into some drier air in the afternoon. I wouldn't be surprised if we had a few passing glances of sunshine. However, the morning hours still consist of light rain.

Some wrap around moisture Sunday warrants a mention of spotty light rain or lingering light showers. Not a big deal. We'll dry out Sunday night and skies clear Monday. The first half of next week is uneventful with seasonal temperatures.

For a historical perspective... after searching through all the December snow data for Boone this last event is now the biggest December snow on record. The 18.5" of snow over 2.5 days, beat out Dec 26-27, 1969 when we had 18".

Boone December Double Digit Snow events
Dec 8-10, 2018, 18.5"
Dec 26-27, 1969, 18"
Dec 1-3, 1974, 16"
Dec 19-20, 2009, 15"
Dec 17, 1930, 15"
Dec 12-14, 2010, 14"
Dec 25, 1939, 12"
Dec 4, 1971, 11"


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