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Sugar Mountain Top , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Monday, November 20, 2017 at 6:35AM

No Turkeys

After Sunday's cold, blustery, flurry-fest, there are no Turkeys in this forecast for the rest of this week. Two dry fronts blow through: 1) Tuesday night and 2) Saturday night. Temperatures moderate gradually today and Tuesday. Wednesday and Thanksgiving Day are a bit cooler. Friday and Saturday have a brief rebound ahead of another cold blast arriving next Sunday.

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Charles Eyler &
Andy Harkins Agency
at AppState at Georgia State Saturday Nov 25, 2:00pm Parker H. Petit Field
Game Time Forecast
Scattered clouds
Light West wind

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Hi: 37 Lo: 32

Sunny; Cold start; Cool afternoon; NW wind 5-15 mph, diminishing PM (except SW 5-15 up top tonight)

Hi: 41 Lo: 31

Relatively pleasant day after a chilly start; More clouds at night; Slightest chance of a passing, light shower Tue. night; SW wind 5-15 mph, gusty at higher elev's

Hi: 35 Lo: 21

Few clouds; Cool; NW wind 10-20 mph in the AM, 5-15 mph in the PM

Hi: 35 Lo: 25

Clearing & cool for Thanksgiving

Hi: 43 Lo: 39

Sunny; Milder

Further Out

Saturday - Mostly sunny; Pleasant day; Turning colder Sat. night; High in the mid 40s; Low in the upper 20s
Sunday - Mostly clear; Cold; Windy; High in the upper 20s; Low in the upper teens

Forecast Discussion

There's no reason to belabor this forecast discussion. Quick and simple. Two dry, Canadian fronts arrive in the next seven days. The second packs a cold punch similar to yesterday.

After a cold start to the day, Monday afternoon brings lighter winds and moderating temperatures. That moderation continues through the daytime Tuesday.

Front #1 arrives Tuesday night making Wednesday and Thanksgiving Day cooler but not bitterly cold. We have a barely worth mentioning threat of a stray, light shower Tuesday night with the frontal passage. Friday and Saturday are milder, seasonally pleasant temperatures.

The stronger front #2 arrives Saturday night leading to a cold, blustery Sunday. A snow flurry is not impossible late Saturday and early Sunday--curiosity-level only.

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